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Yes you can do what you love, be spiritual, and be prosperous as you do so.

I'm Dr. Lisa Love, psychologist and author of the best-selling book BEYOND THE SECRET on the spiritual use of the law of attraction. Now you can learn about what I have taught hundreds of thousands of people through this online course. You will also be learning techniques that go far beyond what I teach in my book. 

BE SUPPORTED AS YOU MOVE THROUGH THIS PROCESS. Receive one-on-one counseling with me, Dr. Lisa Love as you move through these lessons. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    DAY ONE: The Peaceful Self as Spiritual Manifestor

    • Get Ready for Retreat Guide

    • Welcome, Intention, and Opening Audio

    • Lesson 1: Intention for the Retreat -- Reading and Video

    • Lesson 2: Opening Retreat Ritual -- Reading and Music

    • Lesson 3: Who Am I - Reading and Video Meditation

    • Who Am I and Becoming the Witness Audios

    • Lesson 4: Becoming the Witness -- Reading and Video Meditation

    • Disidentification Audio Meditation

    • Lesson 5: I Am the Peaceful Self - Reading and Video Meditation

    • Becoming the Peaceful Self Audio Meditation

  • 2

    DAY TWO: The Intuitive Mind Used in Manifesting

    • Lesson 6: My Ideal Life Visioning Exercise

    • My Ideal Life Introduction

    • My Ideal Life Meditation

    • Spiritual vs Ego Visioning Audio

    • Lesson 7: Four Types of Mind Used in Manifestation

    • Four Types of Mind Audio Introduction

    • Lesson 8: Engaging the Intuitive Mind Reading and Video Meditation

    • Engaging the Intuitive Mind Audio Introduction

  • 3

    DAY THREE: The Logical Mind Used in Manifesting

    • Lesson 9: Engaging the Logical Mind Reading

    • Engaging the Logical Mind Audio Introduction

    • Lesson 10: Can't Stand and Want Instead Reading

    • Can't Stand and Want Instead Audio Introduction

    • 50 Feet at a Time Audio Meditation

  • 4

    DAY FOUR: The Motivational Mind Used in Manifesting

    • Lesson 11: Using the Motivational Mind Reading

    • Motivational Mind Audio Introduction

    • Lesson 12: Creative Affirmations Reading

  • 5

    DAY FIVE: The Instinctual Mind Used in Manifesting & Close

    • Lesson 13: Using the Instinctual Mind Reading

    • Instinctual Mind Audio Introduction

    • Lesson 14: Commitment to Vision Reading

    • Commitment to Vision Audio Introduction

    • Lesson 15: Vision of the Peaceful Self Reading

    • Three Month Visioning Audio Meditation

    • Six Month Visioning Audio Meditation

    • Lesson 16: Closing Ritual Exercise Plus Video Meditation

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