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Get started on your process to help you heal from loss today!

The course is ideally taken as a mini-retreat over a period of five days where you dedicate yourself to the healing. It can also be taken more as a class where you move through the lessons combined with the audio and video meditations at your own pace over a few weeks.

BE SUPPORTED THROUGH THIS PROCESS. Let me guide you through this retreat. Receive one-on-one counseling with me, Dr. Lisa Love, as you move through the lessons. You can also decide to heal by visiting with me in Ojai, CA. to work with me directly using either the lessons in this program or by way of me creating a customized retreat designed especially to meet your needs. Typically for the above retreat people schedule 3 to 6 one-on-one sessions with me for an additional cost.


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Dr. Lisa Love

Dr Lisa Love

Through my retreats, classes, and counseling my intention is to help you find your Peaceful Self.. Whether I work with you as a counselor or lead you on a retreat one-on-one where I live in Ojai, CA or virtually through the phone or Skype/Zoom, I want you to remember who you are as the Peaceful Self. As I work with you, I will hold you in a compassionate space to help you understand why you are experiencing what you are. Best of all I will help you get free from thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are no longer serving you. And, once again you will remember you are the Peaceful Self too. INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS AND PERSONALIZED RETREATS AVAILABLETypical issues my clients are healing include:Wanting to attract real love in their lives.Seeking to improve existing relationships.Healing, prospering and finding love again after a relationship ends.Discovering their spiritual purpose of your life.The spiritual use of the Law of Attraction.Dealing more effectively with stress and learning to do better Self Care.Managing feelings & emotions in a healthier way (anger, depression, anxiety, loss).Learning to live in greater simplicity to have more time to do what they really love.Deepening your spiritual practice through meditation & discovering who you really are!MAJOR QUALIFICATIONS:My insights are now shared in a variety of ways through my professional background as:a psychologist;love, relationship & law of attraction coach;best-selling author;meditation teacher;radio & media personality;syndicated columnist;founder of the Peaceful Self Programs,former dating adviser,former America Online teacher My extensive background and training includes:30 years of experience as a counselor and coach;M.S. in Marriage, Family, Child CounselingM.S. in Transpersonal Psychology;M.S. in Spiritual Psychology Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (abd) Ph.DE in Esoteric Philosophydecades of experience as an intuitive;clients that are internationally based throughout the world.I look forward to helping you.PLACES I HAVE BEEN FEATURED:

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One - I Am the Peaceful Self

    • AUDIO: Welcome & Lesson 1: Intention for Ritual & Lesson 2: Opening Ritual 3:57 mins

    • Lesson 1: Intention for Retreat - Reading and Video

    • Lesson 2: Opening Retreat Ritual - Reading and Video

    • Lesson 3: Who Am I? -- Reading and Video

    • AUDIO: Lesson 3: Who Am I & Lesson 4: Becoming the Witness

    • Lesson 4: Becoming the Witness -- Reading and Videos

    • AUDIO: Lesson 4: Becoming the Witness - Disidentification Exercise

    • Lesson 5: I Am the Peaceful Self - Reading and Video

    • AUDIO: Lesson 5: Becoming the Peaceful Self 23;21 mins

  • 2

    Day Two - Finding Peace through Sorrow

    • Lesson 6: Stilling the Mind - Reading and Video

    • AUDIO: Lesson 6: Stilling the Mind 11:12 mins

    • Lesson 7: Calming the Emotions - Reading and Video

    • AUDIO: Lesson 7: Calming the Emotions 12:06 mins

    • Lesson 8: Entering the Silence - Reading and Video

    • AUDIO: Lesson 8: Entering the Silence 16:00 mins

    • Lesson 9: Healing Sorrow I - Reading and Video

    • Lesson 10: Healing Sorrow II - Reading and Video

  • 3

    Day Three - Moving Through Grief

    • Lesson 11: Coping Strategies for Loss - Reading and VIdeo

    • Lesson 12: Anger and Loss - Reading

    • Lesson 13: Healing Anger I - Reading

    • Lesson 14: Healing Anger II - Reading

    • Lesson 15: Healing Anger III - Reading and Video

    • Lesson: 16 Relationship Timeline - Reading

  • 4

    Day Four - Left Overs

    • Lesson 17: Why We Cant Let Go - Reading

    • Lesson 18: Letting Go of the Past I - Reading

    • Lesson 19: Letting Go of the Past II - Reading

    • Lesson 20: Creating Soul Stories - Reading

    • Lesson 21: Forgiveness - Reading and Video

  • 5

    Day Five - Being Peace

    • Lesson 22: Opening Up to Receiving - Reading and VIdeo

    • Lesson 23: Circle of Support - Reading and VIdeo

    • Lesson 24: Loving Kindness - Reading and VIdeo

    • Lesson 25: Vision of the Peaceful Self

    • AUDIO: Lesson 25 - Three Month Time Travel Meditation

    • AUDIO: Lesson 25 - Six Month Time Travel Meditation

    • Lesson 26: Closing Ritual - Reading and VIdeo

    • AUDIO: Lesson 26: Closing Ritual

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